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Sample Minutes*
* minutes when using a $25 AfrikaCard
                                        Calling From:
Destinations Angola
 CHINA 103
 UAE 69
 USA 107
Low International Calling Card Rates High Quality

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AFRIKACARD is designed for expatriates, frequent international travelers or simply those with friends and family overseas who need to be in touch! And although it is specially created for Africa, it can also be used to place calls from anywhere in the world, except USA. To place calls from USA, please see Global Call Connect.

AfrikaCard - Best Calling Card for Africa

AFRIKACARD can be used from most countries around the world as long as the phone sends CallerID (CID) to our international trigger numbers. Our system will call back the exact phone number with CallerID and ask for the PIN number for accessing our system.

There are no hidden charges, no fees for prepaid AFRIKACARD. Automated system announces available number of minutes based on total card value when a destination is dialied.

Experience the real difference of AFRIKACARD with clear connections, reliability, and additional calling card features now!

Please choose the country you'll be calling from to see your minutes:
Angola Benin Botswana

Burkina Faso

Cameroon Chad Equatorial Guinea Ethiopia Gabon
Gambia Ghana Guinea Guinea Bissau Ivory Coast
Kenya Liberia Madagascar Malawi Mali Republic
Mauritania Mauritius Mozambique Namibia Niger Republic
Nigeria Republic of Congo Rwanda Senegal South Africa
Sudan Tanzania Togo Uganda Zaire
Zambia Zimbabwe      

AfrikaCard offers the unique opportunity to become an international calling card distributor, receiving a commission for selling AfrikaCard in any African country or even around the world. There are many AfrikaCard distributors currently having great success around the world. Join the thousands of our successful calling card distributors and start your own business making high commissions from AfrikaCard.

Our distributor program is easy to understand and offers extremely high income potential with almost no risk. The high call quality provided by AfrikaCard will keep your customers coming back for more. In addition, since this phone card can be used in any country, you have the ability to sell to a global market so there is no limit to the amount of business you can acquire.

As an international phone card distributor, you have the choice of using our well-known and well-respected AfrikaCard brand name or creating your own calling card brand. AfrikaCard is known around the world and is associated with high quality at low costs. This calling card appeals to many types of customers, including international students and business people, entrepreneurs, frequent travelers, military service members, and those with friends and family in other countries. Take advantage of AfrikaCard reputation and start selling international calling cards now.

For millions people in many African countries using AfrikaCard to call friends, family, and business associates overseas is the best way to place international phone calls. AfrikaCard offers several different trigger numbers to make it easier to access the service from anywhere. No matter what country you are calling from, AfrikaCard provides great rates. Among the best rates are countries including Angola, Congo, Zambia, Benin, Ghana, Rwanda, and many more. Basically, AfrikaCard rates are great calling from anywhere.

So whether you are looking to start your own business as an international calling card distributor with our AfrikaCard label or your own private label, or just looking to make quality international phone calls at low rates, sign up for AfrikaCard and take advantage of all the benefits.

Become a Prepaid Calling Card Distributor Now Become a Prepaid Calling Card Distributor Now Become a Prepaid Calling Card Distributor Now

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