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AfrikaCard Features

PIN-Less Calling
With our PIN-Less Calling feature our system will allow customers to place calls without the need for a PIN. This feature may not work with some office Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems, certain mobile services or during roaming.

Multiple Trigger Numbers
We have many trigger numbers available - including SMS trigger - to provide maximum reliability to users in every part of the world. Please check How It Works link above to see available trigger numbers from different countries.

Balance Announcement
System will automatically announce the remaining minutes for the calling card after a destination is dialed (minutes will be calculated based on the remaining balance and the rates corresponding to the destination dialed). Dialing *29 before the destination will prompt balance announcement in US$.

Reliable Service & Clear Connections
One of the most important features of AfrikaCard compared to other international calling cards is the reliability of service and clear connections.

Get a New Line without Hung Up
Dialing triple # (# # #) will provide a new line at any time while connected to our system.

Call from Africa to anywhere in the world at extremely low rates and save up to 70%!

  • Easy to Use

  • Clear Connections

  • Low Rates
AfrikaCard - Best Calling Card for Africa

Become a Distributor

AFRIKACARD provides you with the ideal opportunity to start your own calling card business without and benefit from the extra income!

By distributing our popular prepaid calling card (AfrikaCard) you will receive top commission dollars at the time we receive your payment.

There is no sign up fee for becoming an AfrikaCard distributor. However, there is a minimum of $500 initial purchase requirement towards pre-paid calling cards.

Contact us today by filling out the following form to find out more about becoming an AfrikaCard distributor.

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There are many advantages to becoming an AfrikaCard international calling card distributor. We offer the best wholesale calling card rates for the highest quality phone card on the market. With a very small investment (minimum $500 purchase of wholesale international calling cards), you can make a huge profit. You can use your commission as extra income or sell calling cards full time and make it your primary income. In either case, you will be very happy with your profits. There are currently hundreds of successful AfrikaCard distributors around the world and you can become one today. Simply fill out our calling card distributor form above and start making high commissions fast. Give us a try and you will see how much money you can make selling our top of the line international calling card.



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