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How to make calls with AFRIKACARD?

Just follow these simple steps:
Dial one of our trigger numbers in the USA, France or United Kingdom and hung up at the first ring. Our system will call you back.
Answer the call and dial your PIN followed by the # sign.
Dial the phone number you wish to call as follows: 00 + country code + phone number followed by the # sign.
To make another call press the # key 3 times, wait for the prompt and then dial the number you wish to call.
To redial the last number called, press * #
6. To disconnect your call,
press * * *
PIN-Less Calling
Dial *7 after step 2 and next time you call any of the trigger numbers from the same phone number our system will give you access without asking for your PIN.

To cancel your PIN-Less dialing feature enter *8 after step 2.
Trigger Numbers
USA :00 (1) 305-468-2828
USA :00 (1) 518 -207-3030
UK :00 (44) 20-7147-5252
France :00 (33) 1-7304-5656
Netherlands :00 (31) 2-0708-4111
SMS Trigger :00 (44) 77-3659-2284
SMS Trigger
Here is how SMS Trigger works:
1. Send your 8 digit calling card PIN with an SMS Message to our UK based SMS Trigger number. 

2. You will receive a callback in 20 seconds and you just need to dial your destination.

3. If you want our system to auto dial your destination, then after the PIN just add # and the destination phone number on your SMS trigger.

4. Our system will first call you back and automatically connect you to your destination phone number.

Call from Africa to anywhere in the world at extremely low rates and save up to 70%!

  • Easy to Use

  • Clear Connections

  • Low Rates
AfrikaCard - Best Calling Card for Africa
In addition to providing a reliable service with clear connections, AfrikaCard comes with a number of convenient calling card features for the user.

PIN-Less Calling
With our PIN-Less Access feature our system will allow customers to place calls without the need for a PIN. Please note that PIN-Less Access may not work with some office Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems, certain mobile services or during roaming.

Multiple Trigger Numbers with SMS Trigger
We have many trigger numbers available - including convenient SMS trigger - to provide maximum reliability to users in every part of the world. Please see left bottom of this page to see available trigger numbers from different countries.

Minute Balance Announcement
System will automatically announce the remaining minutes for the calling card after a destination is dialed (minutes will be calculated based on the remaining balance and the rates corresponding to the destination dialed).
US $ Balance Announcement
To hear the remaining US$ balance on the card just dial *29  before dialing a destination.
Reliable Service & Clear Connections
One of the most important features of AfrikaCard compared to other international calling cards is the reliability of service and clear connections. 

Get a New Line without Hang Up
Dialing # three times (# # #) will provide a new line at any time while connected to our system.

To use AfrikaCard international phone card and take advantage of all the above features, simply dial one of the convenient trigger numbers listed on the back of the card. There are several trigger numbers provided for your convenience. Once prompted, you enter your unique personal identification number (PIN), which is also printed on the back of the card. You are instantly connected to our international calling network so you can dial your destination number and begin your conversation. It's that easy!

The reason the rates are so low when using AfrikaCard, is because the card grants you access to a large international calling network. Because of the size of the network, it can provide much better rates on international calls than your local service provider.



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